Application Development

Transforming your imaginations into the real code and infrastructure is our main goal of customer satisfaction. We have a structured and well-defined application development methodology which comprises the complete software development life cycle - from business process study to post implementation support of the application. Our process is designed to be 100% transparent to our clients. We guarantee our solutions by providing service level agreements, and we make a complete transfer of knowledge to our customers as part of our deliverables. Our skilled professionals have experience on a wide variety of development platforms , including Java, .NET, J2EE, and Oracle. Compas5 IT also tries to reduce costs and improve productivity by employing reusable frameworks implemented on specific platforms, such as WebLogic, WebSphere,. Compas5 IT can provide solutions for a wide variety of application development needs, including:

  • Custom application development for unique business process
  • Technology evaluation and selection
  • Optimization of application performance
  • Web-based deployment of applications for high visibility and ease of use
  • Integration of multiple application systems
  • Seamless transition to new systems
  • Customer training and support



Mobile Application Development

The ease and flexibility provided by mobile apps today, have captivated them to the consumers, and is important that your business considers this when looking for contentment among customers. Keeping in mind about specific requirements, Compas5 IT intends to provide with world-class mobile application development and solutions. . Development of mobile apps to suit the endless needs and purposes of the clients is the latest trend today. Any business that wishes to survive in the market today has to build up an application that suits the requirements of its customers Compas5 IT is equipped with all the latest technologies and trends to provide business customized apps. We develop mobile apps for all kinds of operating systems that is, from Android to Windows. The following are the platforms for which we extend our Mobile app development services:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Symbian
  • BlackBerry
  • iPhone



Compas5 IT promises in delivering high-class mobile app development and solutions for all your needs


  • Fully functional apps
  • User-friendly
  • Optimum usage of iPhone features
  • Captivating iPhone app design
  • We develop applications that exceed you expectations
  • Detailed knowledge of the iPhone SDK
  • Latest tools and techniques
  • Regular update of technology


  • Interactive and engaging
  • User-friendly
  • Interactive app
  • Compatible with all the iPad features
  • Porting existing iPhone apps to iPad
  • Porting your existing web applications to iPad
  • Programming a wide range of iPad app


  • Open Source
  • Provides great visibility to the developers
  • Doesnot differentiate between third party app and core application
  • Develop app that complement your existing website
  • Get the best out of apps developed by us
  • Superior quality Android app development


  • Client server app
  • Wireless solutions Wireless entertainment
  • Advertisement
  • Internet based solutions
  • Mobile PDA Embedded and wireless technologies
  • Porting and handset testing
  • QA testing and support

GPS Tracking

The GPS will help identify the location of the vehicle. To provide comprehensive Emergency Response Services to the people.

ACTIVE GPS TRACKING SYSTEM is also known as a real-time system as this method automatically sends the information on the GPS system to a central computer or system in real-time as it happens. This kind of system is usually a better option for commercial purposes such as fleet tracking and individual vehicle tracking as it allows the company to know exactly where their vehicles are, whether they are on time and whether they are where they are supposed to be during a journey.

This is also a useful way of monitoring the behavior of employees as they carry out their work and of streamlining internal processes and procedures for delivery fleets.

Improve the access to medical & health care, police and fire services, particularly attending the emergency situations relating to pregnant women, neonates, parents of neonates, infant and children in situations of serious ill-health and all other emergencies in the general population; and thereby assist the State to achieve the critical Millennium Development Goals in the Health sector, i.e. reduction of Infant Mortality Rate, and Maternal Mortality Ratio, and in general reduce the vulnerability of the people by providing access to Emergency Response Services.