• Recruitment

    Compas5 has designed a flexible RPO solution to manage the client’s recruitment function. Executive Search We help companies across various sectors in the industry, especially IT and services sector in hiring of C-Level and VP-level Executives. We aid your search in identifying and recruiting leaders you need for defining and developing your vision. Customized and Targeted Search Compas5 helps you in recruiting Manager-level and key individual contributors. We help you in finding and finalizing the right set of management leadership and the team you need to execute your vision. Short-Term Hiring We are specialized in hiring contract staffing, body shopping and recruitment of hourly basis professionals for both onsite and of site tasks. We recruit the right set of short-term professionals and the talent you need for critical transition periods. Advisory and Consultant Services This is the USP of Compas5 where we offer highly resourceful Talent Planning and Professional Services. Our expert team leaves no stone unturned to create talent strategies and devise flexible and technology oriented tools which you need to achieve your business goals.

  • Contract Staffing

    Compas5 has comprehensively vetted the recruitment process with more than 12+ years of experience in the industry. We are fully equipped to recruit the right set of candidates with right skill sets for your company. Our wide presence all over the region gives us the professional ability of offering contract staffing. We have unparalleled access to an extensive base of job profiles and candidates. Our staff rigorously screens and evaluates the profiles to ensure that they are a right fit within your organization. Compas5 provides your company with due flexibility to upscale or downsize your staff, based on the business cycles. This helps you to protect your permanent staff, while also taking care of the associated costs involving hiring, firing, training etc. As an Indian company, we comply with the growing number of labour laws and provisions that relates to gratuity, PF, minimum wages, ESIC etc. Our process eliminates this liability by means of a one-stop shop for all your permanent staffing as well as temporary staffing matters, including the issue of labour law compliance management. Our experience in Contract Staffing will ensure a hassle free appointment process, without disturbing any core functions of your business.

  • Permanent Staffing

    Recruitment is nothing short of a defining activity for both, companies and also candidates. It forms the pillar of organizational growth while also gauging the total openings available for candidates in the job market. For companies, this sets the right pace and creates an operational horsepower for continous growth. For job seekers, it defines the new quality of life that they would experience after recruitment. Compas5 is a specialist in permanent staffing and recruitment services. We offer tailor-made recruitment solutions across all verticals, with an extensive network across 55 cities, enabling wider geographic coverage. Aided by accurate job market research and accurate mapping of interests of clients as well as candidates, our ability in accomplishing this successfully sets us apart. As a corporate partner of choice to clients, Compas5 sources professionals with high academic and analytical capabilities that enhance the client’s human resource on hand, while helping individuals to leverage their career choices. Compas5 has access to a wide range of top talents, including talented professionals who are not looking actively for a job. We search for ideal candidates, screen their CVs, conduct interviews and right assessments. We find the right people for the client’s business and propose only those candidates who have clear the in-depth screening process to make sure they are perfect fit.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Compas5 with its team of experts and resources is a well known player in the job and recruitment process outsourcing market. We manage the entire process of recruiting/ hiring process right from job profiling, on-boarding of the new hire which includes staff, technology the process and reporting for any client organisation. As a professionally managed RPO, we work to improve a company’s time taken to hire, enhance the quality of the overall candidate pool. Compas5 provides verifiable metrics to reduce costs and improves governmental compliance. We employ a unique approach to the recruitment process outsourcing market by means of Service Agreements. We have a dedicated focus search and project search attributes that provides unparalleled resources for our client companies. With a highly resourceful group of search professionals, Compas5 maintains the environment of RPO in tune with industry knowledge, and a sense of urgency that is required to make the business agile at any point of time. The staff of Compas5 maintains the contingent workforce and the inventory of work resources on behalf of clients, and we source and recruit direct hires that results in significant cost savings.

  • Body Shopping

    Compas5 is consultancy firm that specializes in body shopping which involves recruiting information technology workers as part of contract services on a short-term basis. In the modern era involving IT off-shoring, outsourcing, and cloud computing, our expertise helps IT service companies’ to focus on leaner business models. We help Indian companies that focus more on developing a manpower base with candidates who possess technical skills to work on a daily basis. The better a business delivers the day-to-day IT operations, the more successful it would be in terms of adapting to change and supporting other wider growth strategies in business. Our body shopping expertise provides a fresh and strategic approach to resourcing, so that the organizations can meet their staffing requirements, while keeping the costs to a minimum. Body shopping is a process of sub-contracting in which Compas5 excels at. We enable large, medium and small IT companies to access skilled individuals or a dedicated team of professionals to work on site or remotely by coordinating with the existing team. With this service, we help organisations in dealing with the pressure of staff shortages for both short and long term basis. Our recruitment process in this regard helps in plugging critical technology skills gaps within the company. It is a form of flexible resourcing that introduces change into business culture through outside innovation. It is often considered as the future of IT jobs sourcing.

  • Hourly Based

    We are a leading staffing and recruitment agency offering valuable advice and manpower to client companies based on our experience and the current staffing trends. Companies can pay a fixed hourly rate on the work done and the projects executed until the full fledged staffing needs are met. The Hourly recruitment solution is a flexible solution based on the company needs. We share the ability and expertise to customize small, medium as well as large solutions that fit your company’s growth and budget needs. Our hourly retained recruiting process has made our company a strategic partner for many organizations and in fact a logical extension of their human resources departments. Understanding the premise that not all businesses are the same, we tune our service offerings to accommodate needs which don’t fit the traditional recruitment models. An hourly recruitment option gives companies the benefit of hiring our highly skilled recruiters while also controlling the time that has been assigned to the task. Our hourly recruitment services have proved to be ideal for short business campaigns, seasonal campaigns and clients who have a limited budget and seeking results.